Homes from the Silver Screen

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Les Miserables

Many forget that Les Misérables was originally a book written by Victor Hugo in 1862 and is widely considered one of the greatest novels of all time. However, the popularity of the long running Broadway show and the recent popularity of the Golden Globe nominated...

Is Les Miserables the Most Home Centric Musical of All Time?

The Home of Calvin Candie from Django Unchained


Leonardo DiCaprio’s character in the Golden Globe nominated Quentin Tarrantino film, Django Unchained, is truly repellant. He might be the evil character seen on film in over a decade. He is wickedly inhumane, vile, despicable, has ridiculously bad oral hygiene, but he does have a pretty nice home...


Homes for The Hobbit – The Shire

The Shire

It’s hard to believe but its been nearly 9 years since we last saw the lovable little hobbits, wise wizards and stoic elves of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy in theaters. With a worldwide box office take of almost $3 billion for the three films, there are more than a few "Ringers" (Lord of the Rings super fans) eagerly anticipating...


Homes for The Hobbit – Rivendell


On Monday we kicked off our series of posts looking at homes from “The Hobbit” with a peak at the Shire – a laid back, cozy and friendly village settled by Hobbits. With evil dark lords, Orcs with anger management issues, pesky rings and misty mountains; life in Middle Earth for the loveable pint-sized Hobbits...


The Homes of Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln is making a comeback. I’m not quite sure he ever really went away, but Hollywood & authors alike seem to be lauding this Founding Father more today than in recent memory. You’ve got Speilberg’s Lincoln hitting theaters this weekend starring Daniel Day Lewis...


'Finca Vigia' – Ernest Hemingway’s Cuban Home

Finca Vigia

Nominated for two Golden Globe Awards, HBO’s ‘Hemingway & Gellhorn’ focuses on the intertwining lives of two of America’s most legendary icons...


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